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December 18, 2011
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NDAA by gonzoville NDAA by gonzoville
Another of those ideas that just pops into ones head. The symbolism is blatant, but I wanted it to be very visceral too.

So I really amped the luminosity on the US Flag "blood drop" ... so that what was bleeding out was bright and shiny. The blood at the tip of the blade was also cranked up so it'd contrast well and help grab the viewer's attention. Everything kind of becomes duller as it moves away from the flag-drop - the thumbprint is nearly flat.

I carved the NDAA initials into the blade using standard Photoshop text masking techniques. The background was built with several gradient fills blended. This started out as a stark white background, but it looked so much better against black that I reworked it. An overhead lighting effect helps bring the whole thing to life.

* NDAA == "National Defense Authorization Act", a vile bill trying to be pushed through which would, among other things, allow indefinite detainment of US citizens on suspicion alone.
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technic12s Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Simple , but very powerful. wake the flock up sheeple!
Hello everyone viewing anti NDAA art. An important recent petition just started against NDAA's SEC1021 in the Hedges VS Obama calling upon the higher federal courts to rule this provision UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! Please show your support, sign it and spread the word around about this important petition.

havenlight Mar 27, 2012  Student Writer
I'm going to be writing about the NDAA Act soon enough, we can never live in safety with this slaughterhouse concept looming over our heads like an empty void.
May as well shut down DA now. Artists are some of the first to go in these governments.
Yup. Gotta lock up the artists and writers or people start getting ideas.

I think either LAPD or DHS was snooping around my email already under the guise of hosting a "gallery of occupy art." As soon as it was clear I didn't know any important names or plans for OccupyLA, the emails stopped.
I wouldn't be suprised. That's scary . But you know what's really scary? You're an Occupier, I support the Tea Party, and The Man is probably after us both now. Nobody's safe.
Nbbren Dec 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
goodbye america
hello communist germany
almcdermid Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
All viewers may not know that NDAA stands for National Defense Authorization Act. Why not include a reference?
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